PowerPoint Projects for teachers & students

Pre-planning is the key for effective presentations whether they are created by teachers for presentation to students or by students to present to their peers. Important components include
  1. Clear expectations (Rubric)
  2. Content Research
  3. Visuals that support content (pictures, video clips & sounds)
  1. Have students complete the research grid below. Research questions are listed on the left hand column. Each source is listed in the top row. After all of the notes are completed, each row becomes a slide in the presentation.
  2. If students are presenting to the class, each slide should have an outline of the content to be presented. Students can include the detailed content under the notes section. In this way, the audience is listening to the speaker and reading the slide.
  3. The audience needs to be responsible for the content being presented. A blank notes grid allows the audience to take notes during the presentations.

Template for student research projects: Research Notes Grid.doc

Creating Efffective Power Point Presentations.ppt.zip

Sample Student Projects